Anchors Away! Positive Thinking!

It's happened again.  I'm linking up late with Deb for:

Here's another Morning Message:

Learning the difference between common and proper nouns has been a struggle for some of the kids.  Every day I try to add a new category for the common/proper noun examples - although I've had continents all week.  When I had countries, the kids focused on the USA, Canada and Mexico; some of them wrote state names.  The world is a HUGE place when you're in third grade - it's a challenge to keep track of all these places.

Now I'm linking up with Jennifer for:

I feel like I'm always running on a treadmill on the fastest speed, and yet I still have so much to do - there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.  Then I found this quote:

I better get back to work - it was so much fun to catch up on some blogging.

Happy Weekend!

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