Lobo's Howliday - A Class Book Review

Our class loves doing book reviews for Mother Daughter Book Reviews.   This week we absolutely loved reviewing:

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Lobo's Howliday is an amazingly illustrated and written adventure story in which Lobo and his friends travel to the North Pole to help Santa deliver gifts in Super Sleighs (all the kids want their own Super Sleigh now). 

Lobo finds out that Santa needs his help when a sack is delivered.  In the sack, Arty, the Arctic Mouse, has a letter from Santa.  Of course, Lobo needs to travel immediately to the North Pole.  Since he and his friends are traveling north, there is more darkness, and the Northern Lights appear.  These Northern Lights help guide Lobo to Santa's village.

Here are some of Danielle's comments:

...I like all the pictures and how everybody has so much excitement.  I like how the Arctic mouse's name is Arty....The illustrations are beyond beautiful...

The pictures of the Northern Lights and Santa's Village are extraordinary.  There's an owl on every page, and the kids were delighted to point him out.  Of course, Roxy, the Raven, says everything twice which some kids thought was "cute" while others found it annoying. 

 By far, the kids' favorite page was the one in which the polar bear had to paddle across the ocean on a mini-iceberg to deliver Lobo and his friends closer to the North Pole.  In the ocean, a whale and a big fish are swimming around.

Once Lobo and his friends arrive at Santa's village, they see colorfully decorated trees and small cottages.  Lobo learns that the reindeer can't fly any longer because they've been eating candy all year:

Santa has a back-up plan which involves delivering presents in Super Sleighs.  Lobo helps by howling from Santa's Super Sleigh; Santa has already arranged for wolves on the ground to howl back.  All this howling helps Santa and his helpers find the destinations where gifts need to be delivered.

After reading the book, Fiona writes:  Wow, just wow!  I want a super sleigh!"

The kids were totally delighted and entertained by this book from start to finish.  The story is exciting, and the illustrations are breath-taking.  Lobo's Howliday is an all-around great book!


  1. This is a great way to help make the reading and writing connection with an authentic audience thrown in for fun! I've never heard of this book review website so thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. Oh yay! So glad to hear your class enjoyed the book Susan! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I really loved the book too and so did my kids. I wish you all Happy Holidays from Mother Daughter Book Reviews! :-)


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