Positive Thinking & Anchors Away = Two Great (Late) Link-Ups

Today was a half day so we could have conferences.  I met with 11 parents!  My goal is to meet with ALL the parents which means I have 8 more conferences.  Next conference date is this Thursday evening from 5:30 - 7:30, and I have 6 conferences scheduled.  That's why I chose this positive thought to link-up with Jennifer for:


I'm trying to think positively about our new trimester, common core based report cards as well as getting through this very busy week:

The report cards go home tomorrow (Wednesday) so I'm hoping for good things!

While I'm blogging, I also want to link up with Deb for:


Here's my new and improved Morning Message from today:

Every time I write a Morning Message, I'm looking for ways to make my message more informational and educational.  There's such a huge need for repetition and review.

Here's to an optimistic rest of the week!

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  1. I can definitely tell that you are always looking for ways to academic vocabulary into your morning messages! What a great way to find multiple ways to use it! Thanks for linking up!


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