First Friday of May Five For Friday!

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I learned the hard way about the most recent and devastating computer virus, Locky (you can read more here.)  The computer person at work claims that my laptop is a "biohazard" and needs a whole new hard drive.  All my documents, pictures, dropbox and google drive items have been deleted.

The sad news is that I even remember the exact email I opened that contained the virus.  It came from a person I didn't know, but the name was ordinary.  The subject line said "invoice."  The bottom line - I am going to be even more hyper-vigilant about opening all emails.

I certainly learned what counts last week!

I've been having fun following along with  #May2016PinnedItSpinnedIt.  Every night I check the outfit for the next day and use the clothes I have to recreate the outfit on Pinterest:

These are my interpretations of the outfits from May 2nd - 5th.  For example, the top center outfit centered on a denim jacket, but I don't have one so I wore my denim vest instead. The outfit with the yellow sweater was based on a spring/summer theme.  Of course, our weather has been very cool and rainy here which explains the long sleeves and tights.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting bored with my usual outfits, and this Pinned It/Spinned It helps me to wear clothes I don't usually think of putting together.

Our PTO has been spoiling us this week with so many treats like breakfast, lunch, desserts and this super cute poster:

Last week, our Morning Messages' theme was shapes:

Of course, one of my students pointed out that I drew a rectangle instead of a square, but I'm always happy to be corrected because it means the kids are paying attention!

We read a terrific book:

                                             You can read more about it on Amazon here.

Gingerbread for Liberty is based on a true story of a baker who made sure that everyone was well fed - including George Washington's troops.  The baker loved America and wanted no one to be hungry.

Today I'm off to go to my younger son's graduation from Northeastern University.  He'll be receiving his B.A. at Boston Garden, and John Kerry is the speaker.

Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh no! Your poor computer (and files)! Why do people feel the need to create such things??? :(

  2. Oh. No. A new hard drive!!! WHAT is wrong with people!!!! arrrgh. On another note I have never heard of Pinned It/Spinned It. I, too, am a little bored with my clothes. Some new inspiration is a good thing. Thanks for sharing. See you next time. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  3. Gotta love a PTO that celebrates its teachers! It's always a sweet surprise to see what they have in store during teacher appreciation week.


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