Show and Tell in May!

Hello!  I'm delighted to share some middle of the week excitement and link-up with Forever in Fifth:

 The best and most exciting news for me is that my computer is back from quarantine!  Of course, everything is gone so I'm starting from scratch.  Now I can make colorful morning messages on my whiteboard:

 By the way, the kids have the Math PARCC test for four days this week.  Each test is an hour.

 Check our my three new pairs of shoes that I bought last weekend:

I love my new Sketchers sneakers - these are from TJ Maxx where I paid $35.  I need slip-on sneakers as I'm too lazy to tie my shoes at 5:30 a.m.  These sneakers also have a back that can be pushed down - making them into clogs!  The next day I saw the exact same shoes in DSW for $50 or $60.  I am so happy to have a new pair of walking shoes - they're woven with silver in them (click here to see them at DSW as it's hit or miss at TJ Maxx).

When I read that it's an anniversary for Vans and that they've released their first ever shoes again, I wanted a pair.  Lucky for me, there was a pair in the markdown section of DSW (click here).  I wore my new Vans today, and they are very comfortable!  While there, I fell in love with a pair of BOC sandals that were full price (here)

My older son, Derek, and his girlfriend, Kaylee, returned from their adventure in Paris and brought me this most adorable French tea towel:

I'm planning on making this into a wall hanging for my kitchen.  It's way too cute to sit in a drawer.

That's it for my version of Show and Tell.  Enjoy the rest of your week!
Here's an ancient clipart that managed to get saved in my pictures! 


  1. We start PARCC next week. I'm a little nervous because it is our first time. I'm glad your computer is back....starting over is one of my biggest fears.

  2. That tea towel will be adorable hanging in your kitchen! What a unique gift. I know what you mean about slip on shoes. I pretty much wear slip on Skechers every day! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade


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