Lucky Five For Friday The 13th!

Hello there!  Thanks for checking in for Doodle Bugs':

This week's theme was Reptile Week:

Doug Florian's poem are perfect for any kind of animals!  My colleague and friend, Ms. Aufiero, has taken on the job of illustrating my Morning Messages.  That's quite fine with me!

In Science. we learned about amphibians, fish and reptiles:

In Writing Workshop, we're working on a piece that deals with ways to reduce the noise in the cafeteria:

Each student needed to select three possible solutions and give at least one positive and one negative about each one.  My solution was to ban all talking - needless to say, the kids thought of LOTS of reasons against that suggestion.

One afternoon we had a grand time rotating among several different questions and completing consesograms.  I got the original idea here for this fun activity which somehow got buried on my desk until I managed to unearth it last week.

By the way, my laptop is still "quarantined" due to the Locky virus.  According the "computer guy," it's almost ready.  In the meantime, it's been over a week.

For good news, the weather has turned more spring-like so I got to wear my watermelon dress:

In addition, this was the first time I've worn sandals this year!

Have a wonderful week!

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