Summer Recharge - Water Aerobics!

Happy (or sad) last week of July!  Right now I'm up in Bar Harbor, Maine for vacation with my family, but I'm happy to link up with Jayme of Teach, Talk, Inspire and Diana of My Day in K.           for Tell All Tuesday:

During the summer, I "work" in the mornings.  By work, I mean that I go to the gym; clean the house; organize my "stuff"; clean windows,....After I eat lunch, I head right out to my backyard to hop in the pool and do my water aerobics:

Here's my pool:

I especially like doing my warm-up exercises because the sun is warming my back while I look at that beautiful tall tree and the blue sky.  After doing my water aerobics, I read in the shade.  It's totally relaxing and fun!

Have you ever done water aerobics?


  1. My sister was always a huge fan of water aerobics! I've never gone. Being in the pool is one of my favorite things. I didn't put it on my list, because we rarely get in a pool! I'm shamefully lazy about wanting to take care of one! Enjoy the rest of your time in Maine!
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