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I'm late again, and I've mostly been cleaning this week.  I call this type of cleaning - profound cleaning - because I only do this once a year - washing windows, cleaning under the beds and couches,...It's time consuming and thankless, but someone has to do it. 

This week I'm sharing some new book discoveries.  I get most of my books from the library, but I've included links to Amazon (just click on the picture of the book) so that you can read more detailed summaries and reviews of each book.  That's why I am linking up with five books for Doodle Bugs':

I just finished this book and enjoyed reading every page:

Liane Moriarty's book flow so nicely, and she reveals information bit by bit so you can't put the book down.  This book tells the tale of two best friends:  Clementine and Erica.  Erica's mother is a hoarder, and as a result, Erica had a difficult childhood.  Luckily, Clementine's family unofficially adopted Erica, but both friends have challenging situations to overcome.  This book is definitely worth reading!

Ever since seeing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar speak at the Democratic National Convention, I've been impressed with his speaking, and now I discovered today that he is an author:

I love learning about inventions because inventors have the creativity and perseverance to solve problems.  Also, Alfred Cralle invented the ice cream scoop in 1897, and what would we do without this important invention?  This book is full of fun and interesting facts!

Olympig is a timely book, but it tells an inspiring and hopeful story for any time of the year.  Boomer the Pig keeps on losing races, but he maintains a positive attitude.  This would be an excellent book to share after recess or physical education when winning becomes an issue.

You can't go wrong with a great collection of poetry!  I love incorporating poems into my Morning Messages, and this book is chock full of interesting poems that would be perfect for fluency practice and just for fun!  The illustrations are colorful, too!

The person in charge of selecting these poems is Mary Ann Hoberman.

This non-fiction picture book tells what really happened to Ivan.

If you've read the chapter book, The One and Only Ivan, this book pairs perfectly with it.  In the back, there are even real pictures of the real Ivan.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I want to buy The One and Only Ivan and the picture book, too! I'm trying to finish up my stack of books from the library before I return to school on August 29th! Not sure I'm going to make it!
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