Pick 3 Pinterest - August

Every time that I realize it's August, I can't believe how fast the summer is going and how much fun I'm having.  Summer is the BEST!

It's time to link-up with Lisa from Pawsitively Teaching; Ashley from Just Reed; and Inspired Owl's Corner for:


I would love to have a standards based grade book that aligns with our report cards:


Click on all pictures to see the original pin!

Amy Lemons always has the BEST ideas:


I love all these books as well as the colored sticky notes!

If you're into Responsive Classroom or want to find out your students' hopes and dreams:


I wish I could read the actual hopes and dreams.

Please feel free to check out my Pinterest board by clicking here!

p.s. Writing this blog post is my reward for finishing my paper for my Mapping Boston course.  Tomorrow I'm off to York Beach in Maine to visit a friend.  Can you tell that I'm happy?


  1. I love the compare and contrast activity! Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. My colleague shared the grade book he made with our team, and it's been so helpful. Amy Lemons is so creative. I learn a lot from reading her blog. Have fun at York Beach!
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