Five For Friday For The First Week Of August!

Hello there!  Summer is the season that passes the quickest, and with good reason - there is so much to accomplish.  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs to highlight this week's accomplishments!

 My biggest accomplishment was completing my paper for my Mapping Boston In the American Revolution course.  My lesson centered around mapping the Boston Tea Party - the route from the Old South Meeting House to Griffin's Wharf:

 This is an enlarged section of the Bonner Map of Boston (click here to see the whole map).  The Old South Meeting House is at the corner of Cornhill and Milk Streets.  Griffin's Wharf got cut out in this picture.  The lesson plan would involve mapping the route the Sons of Liberty took.

If you want to see the location of the Old State House, it's on the upper end of King Street.

As a follow-up activity, I'd love to recreate colonial Boston.  Here's the display from the Old South Meeting House:

Click here to see a Boston Tea Party diorama on Pinterest.

I read about this great book in another blog, and I had to buy it for myself:

The Animal Planet Animal Atlas is amazing and colorful.  It's full of fascinating facts and close-up pictures of so many animals.  I picked the pictures of the moose and the puffin because I want to see those animals in real life - maybe some day!  Click here to check it out on Amazon!

When we were at Old South Meeting House, I visited the gift shop to get book ideas:

My favorite book was the Freedom Trail Pop-Up Book, but I just checked on Amazon, and it costs $25.  Maybe I'll save that purchase for when/if I get a gift card. 

On Thursday I went to visit a friend in York Beach.  We went to Short Sands Beach.  It was high tide with BIG waves! 

Last, but not least, I went shopping at TPT!  I bought five items, but I'll only share two:

Readers Workshop 3rd Grade Units of Study BUNDLE

Readers Workshop 3rd Grade Units of Study BUNDLE

Click on the picture to check it out!
 Emergency Substitute Plans for 3rd Grade BUNDLE (3 Sets)


  1. I love your idea of recreating old Boston for your students! And I got to see a moose this week on the Snake River in Wyoming. I didn't know that moose eat a lot of water plants and can spend up to a minute under water!

  2. Cool - I bet the moose was an awesome sight!

  3. Hi! You commented on my blog to win a homework bundle but you didn't leave your email! You won! Please email me at! Thanks!

  4. Your students are going to pick up on your enthusiasm when you share what you learned during your class! My kids and I went to Old Sturbridge Village this summer, and there were SO many books that I wanted to buy. Thanks for sharing my sub plans on your blog! I hope they work out really well for you. I had a lot of fun creating them. Have a great weekend!
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