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 Morning Messages

On Monday we got a dusting of snow, and on Tuesday I went to a workshop by The Reading Strategies author (more on that later!).  Take note of the Morning Message I left for my "guest teacher:"

*Click here to see the Pin for the Snowflake poem.

Writing Strategies Book Workshop

If you have the opportunity to go to our of these workshops (click here for this workshop and here for other Heinemann professional development).

Click on book to check out this book on Amazon!

Jennifer Seravalho was an amazing speaker and teacher!  I learned so much in the workshop.  Here's one of the slides she showed (sorry for the head in the picture; those reading numbers are for students in grades 3 to 6):

The good news is that these minutes can be split up!  We do 20 minutes every day now in the afternoon, but I'm going to need to add another 20 to our morning schedule.  Also, next week I'll be having my students complete a reading log so I can see how much they are currently reading.

I'll be writing a separate post with more details on this workshop later.

Gingerbread Exchange

We have been receiving so many gingerbread men from our Gingerbread Exchange.  Check on some of them:

My students wrote their own letters and edited them, and they designed and decorated their own gingerbread men.  I'd love to hear from some of the classes who received our "creations."

Holiday Shop

The kids LOVE to shop:

Our wonderful PTO organizes this experience for the kids, and they LOVE picking out and paying for their gifts.  They take their gift decisions very seriously, too.

Reindeer Directed Drawing

We'll be writing about having a pet reindeer, but first we drew our own from a directed drawing activity I found on You Tube:

 Click here for the reindeer tutorial.

This tutorial was easy to follow, and the pictures came out adorable.  I also tried a You Tube video to make "easy" snowflakes from paper = not a good experience; although it was an interesting experiment (that's what I told the kids!).

Have a holly, jolly weekend! 

 p.s.  Doodlebugs is taking a vacation from this link-up, but I'm still writing my weekly blog entry!

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  1. That sounds like an amazing workshop. I haven't read her book, but I think I'm going to head over to Amazon to add it my wishlist. The directed reindeer drawing is neat. I was thinking about doing something like that the day before vacation. Have a good week!
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