Puffins on sweaters = Holiday Style!

I found another fun, new link-up with The Queen In Between about holiday style!  This is a perfect time to show off my new puffin sweater from Loft.  I've seen this sweater on so many blogs, and I fell in love with it immediately because I LOVE puffins.  Last summer - while visiting Bar Harbor, Maine - I endured a whale and puffin boat "cruise."  I couldn't wait to see puffins, but when we arrived - the puffins were so small and far away, I couldn't see them any way - all that seasickness, too!

Check out the sweater:

I had to order this sweater on-line as the Loft store near me said the sweater sold "like hotcakes."  It is really cute and can be worn all winter which makes this sweater really fun!  I checked today, and the sweater is available in medium and large.

Happy Hump Day!

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