Happy Holidays Five For Friday!

Happy times are here - it's Christmas vacation!  We have been extremely busy in school this week - we had to make sure to use all that energy in a positive way.  Here's what we've been doing:

Morning Messages

This week's messages focused on different holidays:

My favorite holiday is "Look on the Bright Side Day" because I try so hard to remain optimistic and persistent in all situations.  These days I'm trying to convince my students to like math.  Every time I mention subtraction, I hear groans.  Math phobia sure does start young, and it's really sad because math can be so much fun!  Luckily, the kids LOVE multiplication, and they've done well learning their facts.

Non-Fiction Text Features

We had so much fun creating posters about non-fiction text features using our Time for Kids.  Each student created a poster that included examples of captions, maps, charts, special print and pictures.

Pet Reindeer

Using the My Pet Reindeer project from TPT, each student drew a reindeer and wrote a story to accompany their drawing.  Here are some examples:

Holiday Happenings

This week was Spirit Week which included a variety of outfit challenges such as "Ugly Sweater Day" and Pajama Day.  Plus, I received several beautiful gifts.  I love this gift bag decorated by my student, Aedyn:

On the bottom right is a Dr. Seuss gingerbread that Sierra made for our Gingerbread Exchange.  It's the only gingerbread I took a picture of that our class made.

Book Recommendation ~ Perfect for National Braille Month (January)

My student, Sierra, brought in an excellent book about a seeing eye dog.  An added bonus was that the author is local.
Click on picture to check out more on Amazaon.
In this book, Sarah and her working dog, Perry, share a typical day in their lives.  They even visit a school!  It's a perfect book to read next month as January is National Braille Literacy Month.

Happy Holidays!

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