It's Currently Marvelous March!

Happy Marvelous March!  It's time to link up with Anne in Residence and Carrie from A Stylish Fit for:


I still love Homeland!  Every time I watch this show, the hour flies by because each episode is so intense.

That's Claire Danes, the main character, on the couch.  To her left is the female President Elect ~ just think...


I do look forward to my weekly salad from Sweetgreen:

 In the fall, one of the seasonal salads included apples, pears and cheddar cheese ~ I'm still missing this salad!


Lately, my third grade girl students have been bickering, and I find myself telling them that words can be very hurtful.

This was my father's favorite saying, and I find myself saying this quite a bit these days!


This week I've been wearing my new Dansko shoes:
Click on the picture to read more at Amazon.

I was feeling guilty for spending $90 on a pair of shoes, but they're really comfortable and supportive.  Plus, I like the gray ~ it's quite neutral, and the embroidery adds a pop of color.


I'm still all about my blog.  It's like a diary for me, and I really enjoy writing in it.  I enjoy reading my posts later because then I can remember what I did ~ it's so easy to forget!

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  1. I love that journaling sort of aspect of blogging too, since I'm terrible at doing actual journaling. Definitely a big part of why I like to do this linkup though, to remember those little daily things that I was doing or enjoying throughout the year. Super fun to see everyone else's too :)


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