February Vacation Five For Friday!

Happy Friday!  It time to link-up with Doodle Bugs for Five For Friday!

Annual Visit to the Veterinarian

Gabi the Dog had her annual physical, and at $600+, it's a good thing we don't go often ~ although she does need to go back in three weeks for three booster shots.

I love how she just hops right up on the bench to sit with us.

Unfortunately for Gabi, she's gained 12 pounds in one year ~ thanks to my husband who gives her a treat every time she asks.  Luckily, he stopped in at the vet during the appointment and heard how unhealthy it is for Gabi to carry all this extra weight.  The vet suggested giving Gabi carrots for treats ~ we'll see how long that lasts.  Also, Gabi will be weighing in when she returns for her booster shots in three weeks.

Red Robin ~ Yum!

There's a new restaurant in Woburn, and my students LOVE this place!  I've never been to a Red Robin before so my friend, Kristen and I checked it our for lunch.  Kristen got corn dog bites while I ate a grilled chicken sandwich.  The food was good, and our waitress was very kind and helpful.  Of course, Kristen had to have dessert ~ a warm brownie sundae:

Another treat they offer is:

Red Robin is one of those restaurants where you can order and pay your bill on the mini-computer at your table.  I'm still adjusting to this new way.  What do you think of the new way to pay in a restaurant?

More From The Commonwealth Museum

I'm reading this great book right now:

Click on the book to read more at Amazon.
A big theme of this book is racism.  When we visited the Commonwealth Museum, I found this uplifting story about a former slave who gained her freedom:

I love this story because it goes right along with hopes and dreams as well as underlines the importance of the Declaration of Independence.  What an inspiration!

Heart Close-Up

I want to feature this great interview a friend and make a poem activity from Laura Candler's February Activities.  

In the activity, students partner up to interview each other, but someone was absent that day so I partnered up with my student, Sierra.

Sierra made this one for me:

This poetry activity would also be great for National Poetry Month in April!

Lucky Receipt

This morning I got a lucky receipt:

At a store in Delray Beach, Florida, the cashier told me that when the numbers are the same before and after the decimal point, it means an angel is looking over you!  My younger son, Andrew, and I are always disputing how often this phenomenon happens:  he claims one in a hundred; I say it's much rarer.  Some day I'm going to find out the real statistics!

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Have a lucky weekend!

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  1. Love the heart poem! There's a Red Robin near me but I haven't tried it out yet...one of these days!


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