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I'm so delighted to have found a new Currently link-up with Anne in Residence and Teal and Polka Dots!


 Every Saturday I go to my local public library and pick up a large assortment of books.  Then I come home and decide which books I'll bring to school; which books I'll save for the following week; or which books I don't even want to read.  When I feel like doing some "shopping" for books, I'll go on the inter-library loan site and order a bunch of books I've seen on other blogs.  Right now I have the newest Caldecott winning book and all the Honor books.
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I'm especially excited to read this Honor Book:


 It's a good thing my 23 year old son was around to explain to me that this word mean "craving" or "feel like having something" ~ otherwise I'd have no idea what to write here.  Right now I'm jonesing for the weekend! (I just asked my son if this was acceptable; his response "Oh, yeah!"


 Today I was texting my colleague who was out sick and missed our field trip to the Commonwealth Museum - the state museum of Massachusetts.  It was a very educational trip.  The oldest bowling ball in the USA is in their archives!

Yes, that's a bowling ball!  When excavating in Boston, archaeologists unearthed all kinds of treasures of colonists' privies (bathrooms).  There's an extensive collection of these objects at the Commonwealth Museum. 


I just started reading this amazing book:

I'm just in awe of Jodi Picoult and how she thinks up these amazing stories to write.


I love how it's light out until a little after five o'clock ~ that extra daylight makes me so hopeful and happy!


  1. My 3-year-old enjoyed They All Saw A Cat! And yes, every minute more of daylight we get each day is just so nice. Thanks for joining us this month!

  2. I'm so glad it's staying lighter later too. The dark just makes me so tired and sluggish sometimes. Yay for your son being around to explain "jonesing." I think most of us would choose "weekend" for that one too.



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