It's Time for You to Win $10 Gift Card to TPT!

*See the bottom of the post for an update!

I'm feeling so lucky and excited to offer you an opportunity to win a gift card to TPT ~ just think of all the new products you could try out, and hopefully, they'll be on sale ~ it's a WIN-WIN! 

  If you're ready to enter, use the rafflecopter to the side. 

The contest ends at midnight on Tuesday 2/7. 
I will send you the code quickly so you can use your gift card! 

Even better ~ thanks to Amy from Smart 2 Heart Creations, I've gotten together with some other Teachers Pay Teachers Authors 

to create a CHAIN of Giveaways!

For MORE chances to win a gift certificate follow the 
TPT Gift Certificate Giveaway Chain 
(if you get lost along the way, just head back here to find all the participants listed in one place)

 Good luck ~ I hope you win! 


A nor'easter is predicted for where I live, and school has been cancelled.  Here's what my front yard will look like in the morning!

Amy S. won my first Rafflecopter!  Thanks to all of you who entered!


  1. I have nothing new to report. I am just enjoying the month of February!

  2. Trying out a new diet in an attempt to start the year off healthy!


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