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New Shoes

After the New Year, I managed to hurt my back really badly.  I realized that wearing my one pair of Dansko shoes really made a difference.  Consequently, I invested in another pair ~ and they're gray with embroidery on them:

I bought these shoes on Amazon for $90.00 which is a huge investment for me, but I'm hoping they'll last a very long time.  Plus I don't have any gray shoes.

After paying so much for my Danskos, I was extremely lucky to find these Sam Edelman Circus boots for $15.00 in the markdown rack at Marshall's:

These boots are perfect for cold days when you don't need your heavy snow boots, and they're comfortable and adorable!

Morning Message ~ Fraction Poem

I love including poems in my Morning Messages.  I usually find them on Google which is where I found this delightful poem by Carol Weston:

I put this Morning Message on the Conversation From the Classroom Twitter feed which I do four days a week.  I tagged poet Carol Weston, and she commented and is now following on Twitter.  How cool is that!

More Fun on Canva!

If you haven't check out Canva yet, please try to find time to do so.  Here are some of my new creations:

By the way, I'm on vacation, too!

Here's my house in the last snowstorm:

Luckily, a lot of this snow has melted due to warm temperatures and the stronger sun.  That's another reason this is a perfect week to be on vacation!

Thanks for visiting!  If you check out Canva, let me know!

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  1. That is really cool that you had an author comment back and follow you! Thanks for linking up!

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