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Carrot & Pea, An Unlikely Friendship by Morag Hood

In this delightfully written and illustrated debut picture book, Morag Hood explains the advantages of having a friend (Carrot) who is different in many ways:

This is an excellent friendship book for any time and could also be used to review three dimensional shapes!

Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry

Stick starts out lonely while stone starts out alone, but then Stick rescues Stone from Pinecone's taunting.  Right from the beginning, there are many friendship lessons in this fun book!

Over the Ocean by Taro Gomi

This book was written in 1979 but was translated into English in 2016 so it's a "new" old book.  In this fun book, a young child stands by the edge of the ocean wondering what's on the other side.  Having grown up near the ocean, I used to imagine the same thing myself - actually I still do!

I hope you're all enjoying the summer wherever you are!  Mondays are a lot better when you're on vacation!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing these picture books. Stick and Stone was the only one I had heard of, so I am thrilled to find out about the other two. Carrot and Pea looks so cute! Happy Reading! :)

  2. I love Over the Ocean! It's so creative. I'm glad we're getting more international picture books here, I find that they're so often so imaginative and really work outside the box!

    1. I agree! I love international books - it's nice to have a different perspective! Last night I was checking the best seller lists for different countries to get an idea of what other people are reading around the world!

  3. I agree with Jane @ www.raincitylibrarian. I haven't read Over the Ocean, but I love reading international picture books.

  4. I have to read Carrot and Pea. I love friendship books. I think they're important to share with students. They can relate and also learn from them.


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