Marvelous Monday Book Suggestions!

Happy Monday!  I'm trying out a new link-up with Kathryn at Book Date for:

Salt Houses

This debut novel by writer Hala Alyan tells about a family's life in the Middle East starting in the 1960's.  The book begins with the mother reading the soon-to-be-married Alia's coffee grounds  and goes from there.
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I'm enjoying this book because I have several Muslim students, and I'd like to read more about their culture and religion.  I'm one third through the book, but I'm definitely finishing this book!

Historical Fiction For All Ages

If you love reading about colonial America and the Revolutionary War, this trilogy is for you.  Its target audience is upper elementary/middle school, but I LOVED it as an adult:

The narrator is Isabel, a young, hard-working and ingenious African American slave.  Isabel struggles to do the right thing at every turn, especially when it comes to her younger sister who has the "falling sickness" (epilepsy).  I loved these books and would love to hear if you've read and enjoyed them like me!

Happy 4th of July and Happy Reading!

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  1. Salt Houses sounds good. Drama camp was a hit with my daughter. My son is doing well with cross country. And our big move is less than two weeks away! Come see what I've been reading


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