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Happy Last Weekend in July!  I'm delighted to link-up with Teaching Little Miracles for another installment of:

If you'd like to catch up from the beginning of this book study, head here:

The Reading Strategies Book - Breaking It Down

Goals 1 and 2

Goals 3 and 4

Goals 5 and 6

Goal 7 ~ Understanding Themes and Ideas

Right in the introduction to this chapter, Jennifer Serravallo states:

...when it comes to interpreting themes.  I think that interpretation needs to be rooted in the details of the text, but that it's really also about the interaction the reader has with the text.  This means that two different readers reading the same story may interpret them differently, because the prior knowledge and experiences that each of them has is unique. (p. 191)

This quote underlines why it's so difficult for everyone to agree on theme, and then there's always this issue:

*7.2 The Difference Between Plot and Theme

I think this concept presents difficulty for many adults - let alone third graders!  I do appreciate the anchor chart:

7.7 Mistakes Can Lead to Lessons

I think this is one of the best reading strategies and life lessons ever!

Also, if you're looking for a different back-to-school read-aloud,  check out Stuart Goes to School:

Stuart is off to his first day of third grade, and we can definitely infer how he's feeling from the cover!

Goal 8 - Determining Main Topic(s) and Idea(s) in Nonfiction

Non-fiction is so important because it is a huge part of our state tests which underlines the importance of this chapter.  Luckily, most students LOVE non-fiction books!

*Strategy 8.11 - Add Up Facts to Determine Main Idea

When I read this book, I wish someone had taught me this strategy of reading each section and writing down the important information.  I always dreaded book reports because I didn't have any way of remembering what had happened.

I'm also wondering why no one ever taught me the importance and necessity of anchor charts.  Education has come a long way!

*8.15 Why Does the Story Matter?

Biographies are key in third grade both in reading and social studies.  We start learning about important people right from the start so this strategy is a must!

Here's what I'm learning - make these anchor charts and refer back to them often as they have such important information!

Thanks for checking in today as the month of July winds down.


  1. Susan,

    Thanks for linking up again! I'm with you on those anchor charts--such good stuff! I am also going to have to check out that book. Stuart's face is enough to draw me in! Ha!


  2. Thank you, Susan, for the new idea for the read-aloud. I've written it down and plan to look it up. And I agree with you about the anchor charts. I plan to use many more this year in reading than I've ever used before, thanks to the ideas in Reading Strategies. Time to get cracking!! :D


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