Fabulous Five For Friday ~Growing Plants & More!

Hello there!  We've been quite busy preparing, taking and finishing our Math MCAS test!  The kids prepared and worked so hard!  In addition, we're still finding time to stay busy in other ways!

Check out your state's Department of Agriculture

Every state has its own Department of Agriculture ~ even Massachusetts!  All you have to do is a Google search and check out your state's Department of Agriculture site which contains free information and resources.  I'm on the mailing list so I signed up to receive free materials to plant pollinating flowers.  In our kit, we received germination pellets (which expand when wet), pots and seeds.  This is how it looked when we first planted the seeds:


Advice From A Tree

I used this amazing poem by storyteller Ilan Shamir:

If you love this poem as much as I did, there's even a book:

Click on the book to read more at Amazon!

Old Favorites Made New!

My students and I LOVED these delightfully written and illustrated books by author Bethan Woolvin:

Click here to read more about Little Red and here to read more about Rapunzel!

Beall's ~ A Florida Department Store

When my husband and I were recently in Delray Beach, Florida, we went to Beall's (in Florida, they call it Bell's whereas we were pronouncing it with a long e).  We purchased some really well-priced and summer-themed items like this:

Click on the pic. to read more!

If you're in the market for some fun-in-the-sun as well as unique items, check out Beall's!

Need a New Book to Read...

If you're in the market for a new book, you need to check out this new book:


I've just begun reading the book ~ it's about a woman who spies on her NYC neighbors with her camera.  I'm already hooked!  You can click on the book cover to read more details!

Thank you for visiting the blog today!  I hope you'll have a wonderful week ahead!

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