Happy Mother's Day and Have a Wonderful Week!

Hello there!
As the weekend winds down, I just wanted to tell you about a few new things!

New Blog Post!
Check out my new blog post on Conversations from the Classroom ~ this is the collaborative blog in which I post, too!  You can learn about Canva ~ a great place to make graphics like this one below:


The Capital Grille ~ Fine Dining For A Special Occasion

I've always wanted to go to The Capital Grille!  My husband's 60th birthday was on Saturday, and we dined at this fine dining restaurant.  Like I tell my children, "it's a once in a lifetime opportunity!"  Check out this beautiful birthday dessert!

My New Car ~ A Honda CRV!

My younger son's Andrew had a 2005 Camry while I had a 2005 Honda Pilot (which I loved and took care of meticulously!).  Anyway, two weeks ago, Andrew called to tell me that his car was unsafe ~ I've been expecting this call for some time.  Andrew lives in Allston (which is part of Boston), and he was thinking of buying a new car.  I suggested he take my beloved Honda Pilot, and I would get the new car which would be parked in a suburban driveway.  Check out my new obsidian blue car:

 I just love that new car smell and the low mileage...I'm still figuring out all the new options, and I'm adjusting ~ it's definitely a learning curve!

That's my quick check-in for now.  Thank you for visiting!  I'd love to hear what you've been up to!

Have a wonderful week!

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