Unofficial Beginning of Summer News!

Happy Memorial Day ~ if you live in the USA ~ and Happy Monday if you live elsewhere!  Today I'm linking up with  Anna Nuttall for:

Upcoming Wedding Next Saturday!

Next Saturday my older son, Derek, is marrying his beautiful fiancee, Kaylee, in scenic Burlington, Vermont.  The rehearsal dinner is at Sweetwaters American Bistro on Friday night, and the wedding takes place the next day at Champlain College.  

Check out the happy couple!

Bathroom Baskets ~ Assembled and Ready!

My neighbor's daughter got married last fall, and they made bathroom baskets for her wedding.  It was such a great idea that I borrowed it myself!

Luckily for me, my friend, Paula, enjoys arranging flowers and other items so she put the baskets together for me! 

Our plants are growing like weeds ~ luckily, they're sunflowers!

Thanks to Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom,  the students are eager to check out their plants every day to see how they're growing:

In addition, we dissected lima beans last week, and that activity was a HUGE success!

Zoo New England Visit

Zoo New England visited us last week.  They brought along an assortment of animals including this hissing cockroach from Africa.  This was the only animal the kids could touch.

Would you want to pet this insect?

Just Grace Books 

I recently started reading Just Grace Walks the Dog to my students during snack.  These are such fun books.  If you haven't checked out these books, they're definitely fun and funny!,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch
 On the cover, you see Grace and her cardboard dog, Chip Up!

As always, thank you for visiting today!  Please let me know if you made a connection with anything!  Have a wonderful week!

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