A Win, Loss, and a Thing of Cost

Yikes!  How does Wednesday come along so quickly.

Today, I'm linking up with Digital: Divide and Conquer and Third Grade Galore to tell about a win, a loss, and a thing of cost.

1.  Win.  I have completed one full week of Weight Watchers.  At my first weigh-in, I lost 0.6 pounds while my husband lost 3 pounds.  Even though I'm happy for him, I'm still jealous because he eats so much more than me and then manages to lose more weight. 

At the first meeting, we talked about how we're all going to have slip-ups, but we need to put them behind us and get back on track with the eating habits (seems to apply to every aspect of life to me).  Who knew Weight Watchers could be so philosophical?
2.  Loss.  Right now I'm at a loss of words because I can't think of anything to write here.  I'll have to sleep on it (I'm getting a jump start by starting on Tuesday night).
While walking the dog this morning (Weds.), I remembered something.  I get A LOT of my read-alouds from my local library.  After reading them out loud, the kids always want to look at them, and usually the books find their way back to me.  This year, there is one missing book called "Cuddly Kittens."  Due to this misplaced book, I couldn't get any books through the inter-library loan system - which I consider a way to "shop" for free for books.  Now I'm hoping to find this book when I return to set up my classroom, but if I can't find it, I have to buy this "lost" book - hopefully, it's not an expensive book this year.  Usually, I end up buying one book per year - either way, I'm sure I'll still let the kids look at my library books because I love when my students get excited about books, and it's still cheaper than buying the books.
 3.  A Thing of Cost.   Here's something that I was upset about.  I did this secret teacher gift exchange in which you purchased a $15 gift for another teacher.  Well, I went to Lakeshore and bought apple nametags for desks, apple stick-on name tags, an apple note pad, 2 sets of stickers and a clip-on pencil sharpener.  It did help that everything was 20% off so my purchase was just the right amount.  Well, when I went to the post office, the postage was either $9.75 (3rd class) or $11.25 (1st class).  So now I'm in shock over how much postage costs - this could be why the post office is having difficulties - who wants to pay so much to mail something?  The postage really took the fun out of the gift for me because the actual cost was so  much money.

Of course, I could LOVE the post office again if they have stamps like this!


  1. I just mailed my blogger exchange gift too and was shocked that the postage cost as much as the gift! Crazy! I'm excited to have found your blog :)

  2. Same-same. I just mailed my blogger exchange gift and it cost $8! WHAT?!

    I guess I should have gone with one of those "if it fits, it ships" boxes for $5. Who knew?!

    I'm your newest follower!

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason
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  3. If you claim it as media mail, it is very inexpensive. Congrats on the weight loss. I've been doing the 5/2 diet but haven't lost but a couple of pounds:( I'm about to hit 40 and it's SO hard to lose weight. Love your blog! I'm your newest follower!

    Classroom Magic

  4. Congrats with WW! We always have this conversation at school about how much easier it is for men to shed pounds at the beginning, the key is sticking with it...kepp it up.

    11 bucks for shipping...now I understand why the postal serivce is running going broke with charges like that.

    I really enjoy that there is no loss right now...that sound just about right!
    Thanks for linking up.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer
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