An Ordinary Linky Party About What's Extraordinary - My First Attempt At A Linky Party!

As I was making dinner the other night, I was appreciating some of the  ordinary things in my house that I see every day, and I wanted to share them with my blogging buddies.  So I decided that if I'm appreciating something I see every day, then you probably are, too.  Here are 3 things that I'm loving lately:

1.  Argula/Watermelon/Feta Salad with Maple Vinaigrette

This salad is so delicious and captures the flavors of summer.  I've been making every week of summer vacation, and I don't mind making this salad.  (Making salad is not fun for me - too much cutting and chopping.)

2.  My painting of the Ghost of Paul Revere

I got this painting for my 50th birthday party from my family.  It hangs in my kitchen right near my seat - we have assigned seats at our kitchen table.  The artist - Tim Murley - actually was surprised that someone would want to buy this painting, but my daughter explained how I teach 3rd grade and love Massachusetts history.

Check out some of  this artist's  other art at:

3.  My Wall Hanging Map of the USA

This is hanging in my mudroom which is the first room you enter in the house.  I love how this map is so colorful, and I love looking at all the states and seeing how big and faraway a lot of them are.

What would your share?

I would also appreciate feedback/suggestions, too.  My email is:

I hope you'll consider taking part - thank you!

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  1. Hi!!!!! I am just stopping by to tell you that I love your blog and I'll be joining in on your Linky Party! Also, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award which is an award for blogs with less than 200 followers!! Head on over to my blog to read the rules!


  2. Hi! Great post! I wanted to share my ordinary/extraordinary finds with you!


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