Goals For Next Year!

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Today's Get Acquainted question is about goals for next year.  This question is near and dear to my heart because I attended special training sessions for the new teacher evaluation system, and having a goal is where you need to start.

Some goals I would like to achieve are:

1.  Learn and incorporate guided reading more frequently.  Last year I started to use guided reading in my classroom, and the students loved it.  Guided reading means that students work in groups in which the other students are reading at the same reading level.  Students in the same group read the same just-right chapter book.  I met with each group every day when I did guided reading.  While I was meeting with my small group, the other students rotated through other centers such as the writing center; computer center (they wrote poems on the site - http://www.readwritethink.org/parent-afterschool-resources/games-tools/theme-poems-a-30871.html);  and the non-fiction center (the kids  read short non-fiction books with their group and answered questions).  Each center lasted approximately 20 minutes.  My goal is to keep forging ahead with guided reading and improving with teaching reading strategies.

2.  Keep my desk clean and organized throughout the day.  Last year I would feel embarrassed when my students wanted to help me clean my desk.  I always leave my desk organized when I go home, but I need to keep it that way during the day, too. 

I want to be this happy teacher with the neat desk!

3.  Keep writing my blogs!  I love writing my blogs, and last year the parents were very happy to be informed about what we were doing in class.  Additionally, the students loved seeing their work samples in the blog, and I share and discuss my blogs with my students.  I try to incorporate life lessons into my dog blog, and the kids were very engaged and enthusiastic about this blog.  Please check it out and let me know what you think:

Also, if any of you would like to be a guest blogger on either of my blogs, I would love it!

At this point, I have to wrap up my goals because I have overwhelmed myself!

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