Anchors Away on a Snow Day!

Happy Monday!  I'm pretty sure this is our 6th snow day this year (when you lose count, you know there's been too many).  Luckily, I did manage to make an anchor chart last week so I can link up with Deb for:

We've been learning about singular and plural nouns:

We also work on this skill in our Morning Message.  The top of this message is based on a freebie from another blogger (I need to start writing down this information).  I wanted to try something new:

Of course, Georgia pointed out that I forgot the Fact of the Day, but I just ran out of room because I wanted to write 19 words to make plural (there are 19 students in our room). 

Tomorrow we have our 7th snow day.  Next week we'll be on vacation.  I can't believe how much snow we've been having this winter!

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  1. Seven snow days?!??! Wow! We were watching the Nightly News and saw that Boston had already had 60-some inches in February??? That's insane! So you have all next week off?

    I love what you did with your second chart- what a clever way to make students pay attention to those spelling patterns!

    Thanks for linking up! I hope the snow stops soon for you!


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