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This post was on my blog on February 19, 2014:

Here's something you wouldn't know about me:  I'm always a day late reading the newspaper; it's just a habit I developed when our former paper delivery person brought the Boston Globe after I had left for work so I had to read it a day late any way.  Now I could read it on time, but old habits die hard.
In Tuesday's (2/18/14)  Boston Globe, there's an article by Tom Keane titled - Is college worth it?  Here are some highlights that I think are worth directly quoting:

...College doesn't make you smart.  Rather, smart people go to college.  And it's an important distinction...being educated and smart is something that happens before college. Some of it is the luck of the genetic draw.  But much if not most is what happens from birth (or even before birth) through age 18.  Nutrition...culture you're raised in...Character, especially qualities such as grit and determination, matter.  The stuff that happens before kindergarten, when the brain is rapidly developing, matters...K-12 education matters.  Your peers and the adults around you matter...
I'm just quoting a very small part of this article which is totally worth reading in full because we - parents and teachers working together - are an important team in the education and success of each child.  

I reminded my 22 year old son, Derek, as he was leaving this morning for work, he owes his success to his mother - I got a small chuckle in response.  Any way, I watched my first "Kid President" video at:  In one of the videos, he mentioned that MOM spelled upside now is WOW.

Wow, enough said for today!

Quick update:  My son, Derek who is 23, now goes to U-Mass Amherst where he is studying for a Master's degree in Public Administration!  


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  1. I LOVE IT! Mom spelled upside down is WOW! Sure is! Thanks for linking up this week!



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