Five For Friday For A Three Day Week!

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We started off the week with another snowstorm and two more snow days.  The blizzard brought about 30 inches two weeks ago while this week's storm brought another 17 inches.  Now the meteorologists are saying another foot this weekend.  Supposedly, we have more snow than in Alaska! 

We are learning to tell time using a regular clock.  It's a whole new learning experience for most of my students who use digital clocks.  When I got my first watch in 1968 in third grade, I had to turn the knob every night so the clock would keep working.  Now younger people use their cell phones to tell the time.  The world has changed so much in such a short time.

 We reviewed the events leading up to the American Revolution such as the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party:

 The fairness issue tied in nicely with our Character Assembly.

 This month's character trait was fairness.  We had our monthly assembly today:

 The bottom pictures shows the third graders who received a Fairness Award.

We received two more Valentines:  one from York, Pennsylvania and one from Hubert, North Carolina :

I loved learning that York Peppermint Patties used to be made in York, PA while the boys loved learning that Harley Davidson has a factory there. 

We also mailed all of our Valentines.  We made adorable ladybug ones.

Right now I'm waiting to hear from AAA.  My car is sitting at the supermarket parking lot because it wouldn't start.  The lights and radio work so it's not the battery.  The AAA lady said it would take about three hours.  Hopefully, I won't be up for too long since I'm usually in bed by nine o'clock.

Happy Weekend!

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