Frigid Five For Friday!

It's Sunday, and we've just had our second blizzard of the winter.  My neighbor just told me that they had to postpone  the Iditarod because there's not enough snow.  I guess the snow and cold have been relocated to eastern Massachusetts!

Now I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for:

We had two snow days and three school days this week.  On Wednesday, we were super lucky to have President Abraham Lincoln from Historical Perspecitives:

The actors who do these shows are so talented, and they share so much fascinating information about the person they're portraying.  I really loved when President Lincoln had some students come up to square dance.

On Thursday we had Pajama Day!  Here's me on the left and Mrs. Borselli on the right:

With all these snow days, Valentine's Day and an upcoming vacation, focus has become difficult so we discussed what it means to focus:

We received several Valentine's from our Valentine Exchange (on the left):

On the right, there are pictures from our Healthy Heart Valentines Breakfast Party and our Morning Message.

Happy Presidents' Day and Long Weekend!

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