Finally - Full Week of School Five for Friday!

Hello there!  It's time for a recap of a five day school week - amazing!  I'm excited to link up with Doodle Bugs for:

Empathy was the Word of the Week.  Having a Word of the Week is something new I decided to include in our Morning Messages.  I chose this word because I'm reading a Just Grace book to the class, and Just Grace talks about her "empathy powers."

We're having a door decorating contest next week, and we made these delightful hot air balloons that you can check out at Classroom Chit Chat.

We received several Valentines from our Valentine Exchange:

Change is Simple came to visit on Friday, and the kids learned about endangered animals:

We finished our Social Studies chapter on Massachusetts in the American Revolution!

This circle marks the site of the Boston Massacre!  It's so cool and amazing to have so much history right in our own backyards!

Let's have a marvelous:

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