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It's Thursday, and I'm delighted to link up with Teachers Desk 6 for:

This post was originally from  February 23. 2014, and it recommends some great books! 

Last week, I was on vacation, but I decided to go to my classroom and do some tidying up.  While I was reorganizing the library, I found one of my favorite books:

There is a whole series of Just Grace books by author Charise Mericle Harper.  Here's a summary of the above book from the Just Grace web site.

Everyone’s favorite Grace is back. And this time she has a dog. Unfortunately, he’s only made of cardboard and rides a skate board. Grace is determined though to prove to her parents that she is responsible and dependable enough to get a real dog. Things you learn in this book: 1. Sometimes it is okay to be sneaky if you don't get caught. 2. How to do flashlight Morse code. 3. What happened at school that was exciting: nothing. 4. How it feels to walk into your class after going to the principal’s office! 5. Many other things, but most important, how to convince your parents to MAYBE let you get a dog. A real one, not one made of cardboard. 

Here is some other interesting background information about Grace:

*She's in 3rd grade.

*There are 3 other Graces in her class.  The other Graces are identified by Grace and a last initial while this Grace is known as "Just Grace."

*The author's writing style is fun and full of dialogue.  That's why I LOVE reading this book out loud!

Luckily, there are so many more books in the series, and you can learn about them by clicking on the book below:

Just Grace

I think your students will love reading and hearing these engaging chapter books!

 Sybil's Midnight Ride by Karen Winnick is based on a true story!  Check out this sign in her hometown:

I heard about this book when reading Judy Moody Declares Independence by Megan MacDonald.  Judy's teacher, Mr. Todd, gives her a book about "the female Paul Revere."  Of course, I had to get the book and check it out since I had never heard of such a person.  I particularly love this book because the heroine is a girl, and women definitely played a role in the Revolutionary War, but we never hear of them.

I love this link-up because it gives me the opportunity to check out all my good ideas that I have forgotten about - I need to reread my blog more!  Have a fabulous Friday!

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