Finally Five For Friday!

This is my new routine - posting on Saturday or Sunday.  I keep trying to write about each day's events as they happen, but I just never get to it.  Any way, it's time to link up with Doodle Bugs for:

My students had the best time using the i-pads this week for Computer Lab.  We played my first and only created Kahoot game - Massachusetts on the Map:

If you go to , and type in the Pin in the above picture, you can check out my game.  We also went on to play several public Kahoots.  Kahoot is a very engaging review game, and I'm hoping to create more games soon.

In Science, we learned about soil:


Author David Ezra Rottenberg visited our school to read his delightful book:

 While the author read his book, students from a ballet school in Winchester performed the story.

If you want to check out this book on Amazon, click here or on the picture of the book.

Since we were studying soil in Science, and soil is such an important resource, our word of the week was resource:

Our PTO arranged for this room sized map of North America to come to our school for the week.  The map is provided by National Geographic.  The kids had a blast learning and visiting different places in North America:

Have a super Sunday!

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  1. Love the quote about the tomato and wisdom! Lots of learning going on in your class. What a wonderful experience for the kids to have the author AND the ballet!


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