Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy - Book Review!

Happy Thursday!  My students and I finally got around to reviewing another book for Mother Daughter Book Reviews.  This time we reviewed:
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 Here's a summary of the story:  Bash plays on a soccer team, and Lucy, the Dog, is the coach.  Lucy makes everyone on the team happy by being affectionate and playful. Lucy also has a special relationship with Bash...until Tristan arrives on the scene with his therapy dog.  Tristan asks if Lucy can coach his team, but Bash becomes jealous and upset because Lucy, the Dog, dedicates herself to Tristan's "special" team of players.

My students' opinions of this book were totally divided.  The reviews went from:

 "The cover is colorful...Now I love the dog." (Arnesh)

 "I like that Sniff Dog Hotel...I love this book." (Insaf).

Most student reviews included comments like these:

"I don't like the pictures...they are creepy." (Georgia)

"Tristan looks like he's going to pass out..Hair looks like a mop covered in dirt." (Bryan)

"I think the title could be better...It was a funny story, but page 24 was a little creepy." (Reese)

 Overall, Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy has a sweet lesson.  I like how there are special needs characters because I don't think there are enough books that features characters like this.  I do enjoy discussing emotional issues like jealousy and acceptance.  However, my students' were put off by the illustrations and that affected their overall enjoyment of the book.

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