Currently and Amazingly It's August - Still Lots of Summer!

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Snacking On

I've been enjoying an Italian Ice every afternoon ~ it's so refreshing on a hot summer day!



Last week I took a class through the National Endowment for Humanties.  Every day we visited landmarks in Massachusetts as well as The Pequot Museum (the largest Native American Museum which is located at Foxwoods).  In addition, I learned so much at the Museum of Fine Arts, Plimouth Plantation and Little Brewster's Island - home of the country's oldest operating lighthouse.

If you ever come to Boston, you'll have so much to see and learn because there is an amazing amount of history here!


I'm reading this book:

I'm thoroughly enjoying it and can't wait to find out what happens to the main characters!


I've been borrowing a lot of children's books from my library because there are so many new picture books to discover.  I promised myself that I wouldn't go to the children's room during the summer, but I just couldn't stay away!

How can anyone resist that cute sheep?


I make the same dinners all the time, and I'm getting bored eating the same food.  I decided to diversify by trying Blue Apron.  Unfortunately, the delivery was late, and the recipes were too complicated, but I was not deterred.  I tried another one - Hello Fresh, and it was so much better.  The food was easy to prepare; the recipes were easy to follow; and I've already made the chicken en Provence again!  The box is so well-organized, too - each recipe has a corresponding bag that contains all the ingredients you need in one place.  Best of all - it's fun - cooking is social - instead of me doing everything - my family helps me.  If you want to try it out, click here to get $40 off your first box!

 I'd love to know if you've ever tried one of these meal services!

Thanks for visiting today!  Hope you're enjoying the summer!


  1. Lilac Girls was so good! I'm a sucker for WWII related fiction, and that one really delivered!

    1. I am too! I love to read a book that you don't want to finish because it's that good! Any other suggestions for me?

  2. Wow, that sounds like an amazing class to take! And my parents have been doing Blue Apron meals lately, but I agree, they seem so complicated. Good to know Hello Fresh is simpler.

    1. Your parents must be organized and ambitious chefs! I hope you get to eat over there often!

  3. I've never tried a meal delivery service before but it does sound like fun. If we do I'll have to give Hello Fresh a try, thanks for the tip! If I'm going to do something like this it's because I want something more simple!!

    1. I know. I only tried it because I wanted something easy, simple and most importantly, different to make for dinner. I just got my second Hello Fresh box and hope it's as good as the first!


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