Five For Friday ~ Vacation Vibes + Last Gasp of Summer!

Do July and August go by faster than other months?  Time sure does fly when you're having fun on vacation!

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First Stop - New York City - Lower East Side

Last Friday my husband and I hopped in the car and drove to NYC.  I even drove in the city to our hotel - the Marriott Courtyard Hotel.  Check out the roof gardens from our hotel window:


Later on Friday, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we saw beautiful Tiffany stained glass windows, mummies and A LOT of famous paintings.

Later, we went out for dinner, and I tried my first frose (frozen rose).  It was delicious!

The Tenement Museum

On Saturday, we visited Little Italy and Chinatown on way to the Tenement Museum.  I'd read a lot about this museum and wanted to visit because my mother grew up in the West End of Boston in a tenement building.

The Tenement Museum has several tour options - we went on a "Meet the Residents" Tour that featured Victoria Confino - a 14 year old Sephardic Jew who lived in the building back in 1916.  "Victoria" let us into her apartment; gave us a tour and answered our questions.  It was very interactive and highly informative!  On top of having a tiny three room apartment for at least seven family memebers, the bathrooms were in the hallway - two shared bathrooms for four apartments.  At least, there was running water!

Of course, I checked out the books in the Museum Bookshop:

I definitely want to check out these books!

In addition, if you go here, you can check out teacher materials about immigration, primary sources, etc.

National September 11th Memorial

The new 9/11 Memorial is breathtaking:

There are two memorials - one for each building.  Each memorial contains the names of the victims.  It's such an important place to visit because each name represents a person who had a family and friends who still miss them.

Also, check out the new World Trade Center - it's quite tall!

The Lion King on Broadway!

I have seen the Lion King when it came to Boston years ago, however, my daughter, Bethany (we went to NYC to visit her), her boyfriend, and my husband had never seen it.  I went on-line and bought tickets in the orchestra for the Sunday afternoon performance for us.  What an extraordinary performance and opportunity if you ever get the chance, take it.

Here's a picture of the grand finale:

Stop 2 ~ Mystic, Connecticut

On Monday, my husband and I headed to Mystic, Connecticut for a few days.  I've always wanted to go there, and it's midway between NYC and Boston.

Monday was the eclipse, and we were on a cruise on the Sabino, the oldest steamboat in use.

The Mayflower 2 is in the white enclosure to the right ~ it is being restored for its BIG 400th anniversary!

While cruising on the Sabino, we saw a drawbridge; a train bridge that rotated; and the filming of a Weekender segment for Fox 61 from Hartford!  The eclipse was the background of all this excitement!

Well, that was my summer vacation!  Now I've started making final preparations for back to school!

Thanks for visiting today!

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