It Was Monday, and Here's What I'm Still Reading!, hola, Coca Cola!  Thanks for popping by to hear about some fun books as I link up with Jen Vincent of Teach Mentor Texts, and Kellee of Unleashing Readers for:

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 Urgency Emergency ~ "All in a day's work!" ~ Series by Dosh Archer

I love these fun books by author/illustrator Dosh Archer who writes books that are fun to read and funny!  One example is:

In this twisted tale, the Big Bad Wolf is rushed to the ER due to choking.  Upon doing the Heimlich maneuver, the doctor ejects a pair of slippers with a person wearing them (I bet you can figure out the mystery person!).  My third graders went crazy for these books, and I had just as much fun reading them out loud.  

All the books have animal characters from nursery rhymes or other stories!

7 Ate 9, The Untold Story

Follow Private "I" as he solves a mystery in this laugh out loud book:

All of the above books contain creative language and puns that are fun for kids and adults!

Today I posted over at Conversations From The Classroom:

 Click on the picture to read about what's happening to cursive writing these days!

I'm so happy you visited my blog today ~ thank you!

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