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I really enjoy both these link-ups because they give me the opportunity to share non-school activities; although today I have one school item to share.

Mother's Day

My younger son, Andrew, bought me a gift that combines my love of flamingoes and watermelons:

This flamingo - straight from Flamingo World  (where else?) in Florida - has a watermelon beak and nest.  It's a perfect gift for me.  I put the flamingo on these cute salt and pepper shakers because I also collect house.  Plus, they're French houses which make them extra special because I love Paris.

                                      The Metric System

When I was in middle school (a.k.a. Junior high) and high school back in the 1970's, the teachers used to tell us, "When you grow up, everything will be in the metric system...."  Well, it didn't turn out this way, and I never learned much about the metric system.  Although I did learn in Canada that gas comes in liters- not gallons - that's why the price seemed so reasonable.  Plus, soda (which I used to call tonic) comes in liters.  That concludes my background knowledge.

In Woburn, all the third graders had to take the same Common Core Math test for third term.  Quite a few questions were on the metric system.  It was a BIG realization for me that I NEED to learn how this metric system works so I can teach my students.  I've been doing research and confirmed that the metric system is part of the Measurement standard.

My new goal is to teach myself as much as I can about the metric system so I can get my students to understand.  I'm going to start with the measurements we use now - pounds, inches, gallons, etc.  Then I'll teach the metric counterparts.

Has anyone else dealt with this issue?  It's a good thing that us teachers are always learning something new.  Plus, I'll be prepared if the US really does change over to the metric system.

                                                    Student Teaching Tree

I student taught fourth grade seventeen years ago.  The Wakefield Garden Club gave all the 4th graders a dogwood sapling.  Of course, I took one, too, and here's what it looks like now:

I love watching my tree and my teaching career grow.  Also, please note the Bruins' sign - ....

                                                             Stitch Fix Necklace

Just one more quick picture to share of the one and only item I bought from my first Stitch Fix:

I have scheduled my next box for the end of July.

Well, it's time to get back to laundry, dishes, correcting, homework for my RETELL class, and the metric system.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. I think that the America's are the only ones who still use Imperial? We are definitely all over that metric measurement system here. Makes life so much easier when your measurement system lines up with your place value system!!

    Thanks for linking up!!

    Learning to be awesome


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