Peek at my Week/Anchor Charts

 Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Here's what my colleague, Jessica, put on my desk this morning:

Hola!  It's also cinco de mayo week!

Today I'm doing a double link-up.  First, I'm linking up with Jennifer for



Since it's cinco de mayo on Monday, we're going to celebrate all week by reading a lot of Hispanic themed books such as:

by George Ancona

 Today I also read Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin.  This is a totally adorable and funny book.

For homework, in my RETELL class, I have to do a project on text features so we're doing a Non-Fiction Text Feature scavenger hunt.  This involves dividing the class into small groups; each group gets the same non-fiction text; then they have to find the Table of Contents, the glossary and the index.  

Check out this new link-up from Deb at Crafting Connections!

I picked an old anchor chart from Science:

This anchor chart has lots of information, but it also contains ways for the kids to remember the definitions of weathering and erosion.

I do LOVE anchor charts and have so many of them.  I'm excited to check out the other teachers' samples.  Thanks, Deb, for starting this link-up!


  1. Really clever way to get more bang for your buck with your anchor chart!! Thanks for sharing... it'll come in handy with my EL cluster! :)

    Tales of a Teacher

  2. I love the mnemonic devices that you used in your anchor chart! I will have to check out the Dragons Love Tacos book. It sounds very interesting! Thank you so much for linking up!!


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