Ten Things To Do This Summer!

I'm doing a new link-up started by Mrs. Jump:

  Of course, if you live in Massachusetts, summer doesn't really arrive until mid-June, and we don't get out of school until the end of June (June 24th, to be exact) so this link-up is a little early for me, but I'm going to try to think of 10 things to do this summer.


I want to read for at least one hour, do the crossword puzzle and the Sudoku every day.  Here's the first book I've ordered through the inter-library loan system - I'm 72 on the waiting list:

This new bestseller tells the story of a blind girl living in Paris during World War II.  Of course, I was hooked after reading that because I LOVE Paris, and I LOVE historical fiction.  Plus, the book has 5 stars on Amazon.


Clean all the windows and deep clean/organize all the rooms in my house.  This is my ambition every summer.  


In my quest to be more stylishly dressed, I'm going to try this out:

For $19.99 (which is how much it costs to get a Stitch Fix package), you get a list of 10 essential items for summer.  Some items you could already have or you can buy the items wherever you shop.  The web site gives you daily suggestions.

Plus, this blogger is having a link-up to share your outfits:

Positively Learning

if you want to read more about this.


I really want to get caught up with  Gabi's Dog Blog.  I've really neglected my Dog Blog lately due to taking my RETELL class, and I really miss writing about Gabi and her adventures.


I'm hoping to take a Responsive Classroom workshop with my school friend, Miss Nelson.  Of course, she can walk to the class from her home, but it's about a 45 minute drive for me, but I've always wanted to improve my classroom management skills.  Here's a link if you want to check out workshops in your area:


For years I have wanted to go on a whale watch.  I just read in the Boston Globe that the whales are coming closer to land to eat this certain type of eel.  


During the summer I also like to read a book that helps me become a better teacher.  Today I was reading Flip Flopping Through 3rd Grade's blog.

This blogger is participating in a book study using the book:

The author of this book also wrote The Book Whisperer which I bought and couldn't really get into.  I just ordered this book through the interlibrary loan so I'm hoping to read it as well as participate in the book study.

eight & nine

My younger son, Andrew, is going to Malta to do his third co-op in pharmacy at the end of August.  Northeastern University has a program there.  Malta is an island country off the coast of Sicily.  Check it out:

I wish he had planned this co-op around my schedule - it's pretty impossible for me to go anywhere in the fall.  Of course, I'm sure I'll be helping him prepare for his adventure.

Speaking of adventure, Andrew also wants the whole family to go on vacation to Iceland:

At this point, we have no definite plans, but you just never know...


Finally, I made it to number ten. My favorite activities this summer will include:  relaxing; waking up when I want to; going to the health club in the morning; going in the pool; going out to lunch with friends;......I do love the summer!

In the meantime, I'll just be reading about others' summer vacations - until June 24th, that is.

Have a wonderful week!

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