Peek at my Week/Anchors Away = A Great Way to Start the Week!

Today I'm doing a double link-up because they go hand-in-hand.

First, I'm linking up with Deb from Crafting Connections for:

Here are my two most recent anchor charts side by side - which is how I like to keep them:

My friend, Cheryl, asked me these questions (in blue) for last week's link-up:

Will you save your anchor charts for next year, or will you remake them each time?

I don't save these anchor charts because I make them while we are reading the Science book.  I think of it as modelling for how to take notes when reading.
 Do you make then ahead of time or with the children?

This is a great question, and I've always wondered how other teachers do this.  It would be easier to make them in advance, but most of the times, the kids have questions that I haven't thought of asking.  I include the answers in my anchor charts.

Now it's on to Jennifer's: 


This week we are finally getting around to reading:

I LOVE this book and its message!  I'm hoping the kids realize how lucky they are to learn how to read.


We're working on different strategies to use when solving word problems, like making a picture.  The kids love using their white boards to solve problems.


We're still learning about plants  - see above.  We are having a quiz on Thursday (tomorrow), and we'll be wrapping up the chapter next week.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Cool! You pack a LOT of information into these anchor charts! I can totally see how you are modeling how you are taking notes as you are reading the science lesson! Be sure to email me at and let me know which craftivity you'd like me to send you for free for linking up this week. By the way, THANK YOU!!! I truly appreciate it!


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