Fabulous Five For Friday!

It's my favorite day of the week which means it is time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for:

This week started with Memorial Day.  My son, Derek, played Taps at the town's Memorial Day ceremony.

 During snack I started reading a new book to the kids:

I really love reading these books to the kids because the "Great One" - who is to the left - is in third grade, and she deals with typical third grade issues such as being afraid of riding her bike; pretending vs. lying, having her first sleepover party, etc.  The younger brother - the "Pain" - is a typical younger brother in first grade.  Plus there is a whole series of these books so if your students like them, there are more to check out.

We finally got around to measuring our gingerbread houses:

The kids even found the perimeter of their yards!
We also started making interactive math notebooks for measurement.

You can check out this whole activity at Blair Turner's TPT store:


Next week we'll be writing a persuasive paragraph so this week we practiced by writing about why we should keep the cafeteria clean.  I found a paragraph in need of editing in our Six Traits Writing book.  The kids wrote the sentences on white lined paper, cut them out, glued the sentences onto another piece of paper, and added their own ideas.  Then they put all the sentences together to write their own persuasive paragraphs. 

This strategy is called "break apart," and I learned about this in my RETELL class last week.  The kids enjoyed the whole process of cutting out and gluing the sentences onto another piece of paper.  This added some excitement to the writing process.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Loved your "break apart" strategy! I've used a similar strategy when I taught high school - it's effective at any level!


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