Favorite Fitness = Spinning!

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to talk about our favorite fitness activity.  For me, that's easy - spinning.  Spinning is riding an exercise bike, but you change the tension from being on a flat road to climbing a steep hill; you stand and sit; you sprint; ....  It's a very challenging workout, and supposedly, you burn at least 500 calories during a 45 minute workout.  Here's another advantage - the spinning room is dark so no one can see you while you're working out which is a HUGE plus as far as I'm concerned.

I go spinning 4 times a week.  Each instructor has different routines and different music.  The music does make a HUGE difference.  In spinning class, they've been playing that Timber song by Kesha and Pitbull for weeks.  Not only do I get an amazing workout, I know my music, too.

I've been spinning for four and a half years.  A few years ago, I bought the spinning shoes that clip on to the pedals.  Plus, I now have an assortment of workout clothes.  I even have 2 hand-me-down Lululemon tops - thanks to my friend, Kathy. 

To supplement my spinning, I also make sure to do abdominal work 4 days a week, too.  I doubt that I'll ever have a flat stomach again, but there are muscles in there.

If you want to sweat a lot, listen to good music and burn calories all at the same time, spinning is definitely worth trying out.

If you check out Melissa's blog at:  http://dontlettheteacher.blogspot.com/  ,
she recommends Zumba which I have tried.  Zumba was a truly humbling experience for me because I felt like I had two left feet, and I couldn't keep up.  It made me realize how some of my students must feel when the work is difficult for them. 

Enjoy that exercise!


  1. I have used the exercise bikes at the gym, but I've never tried a spinning class. That could be a lot of fun! I'm with you on never having a flat stomach again, but it is still important to work those muscles. So glad you came to link up with me again!

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