Yikes - it's almost the weekend! December Currently. Check out this giveaway!

Hello there!  I'm just writing a quick post to tell you about a GIVEAWAY at one of my favorite blogs:


Deb makes amazing craftivities and is truly creative. 

Also, here's my December Currently:

Yesterday I got one of those weather-related headaches - the weather changed from sun to clouds and rain.  Luckily, I think my headache is starting to subside - it must be the blogging - it always makes me happy.

In my family, we have Hanukkah and Christmas.  My husband is Jewish, and my mother was Jewish.  Growing up, we celebrated Christmas as a fun holiday - not a religious one.  My husband only had Hanukkah.  Now my husband can't wait to go get a tree - we call it a holiday tree.  We decorate it with Hanukkah and winter ornaments.  Most of them are handmade.  We also light the menorah.  I love the glow from the candles. 

You can check out more Currently December posts at:


Enjoy a fabulous Friday!



  1. You are so sweet, Susan! Thanks so much for the shout-out!
    Crafting Connections

  2. We're studying different holidays around the world and today was Israel/Hanukkah. My kids want to be Jewish for 8 nights of gifts! Haha! My aunt is Jewish, so I was able to answer their questions, including what the family was eating in the picture, latkes!

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