Time to read about winter!

 Today I drove to the library in the snow.  Later, when I was checking my blog updates, I found this link-up hosted by Andrea whose blog is at:   http://readerstars.blogspot.com/

 Of course, I've already ordered the Snowflakes Fall book through the library because I read about it in Andrea's blog.  This book is written by Patricia MacLachlan and is a tribute to the students at Sandy Hook.  Make sure to check out Andrea's blog to read more about her thoughts as well as an accompanying follow-up activity.

Any way, the book that I happened to check out today is The Snow Day by Komako Sakai.  I loved the illustrations which are very comforting.  During the snowstorm, the rabbit tells his mom:  "Mommy, we are all alone in the world."  I absolutely can understand that feeling.

My favorite part of the book was after the storm stops, and it's time for bed, the rabbit and his mom go out at night in the snow.  I remember how much my kids loved to go out at night to play in the snow.

A few years ago, the 4th grade Mass. state open response question was about what you would do during a snow day.  As luck would have it, it hadn't been a snowy winter so some of the kids found it difficult to think of ideas. 

Me, I prefer snow in books because I don't have to drive in that snow or shovel it - although I could use the extra exercise today after all my overeating yesterday. 



  1. Thanks so much for linking up! That book looks beautiful! I will have to go check it out and find out more! I do love the snow, and around here we get snow days. The past few years we have not gotten much snow, so I am hoping for some good snow this year! Stay warm!

    Reading Toward the Stars


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