Peek at my Vacation Week!

I love Sunday night right now because I get to stay home tomorrow and clean/organize my house.  Plus I get to link up for:

sponsored by Jennifer whose blog is at:

I'll be reading blogs and entering various giveaways.  Here's one to check out:

It's another amazing and awesome giveaway which you can check out at: or click on the button:

There are 3 prize packages:  the one shown above; a $50 gift card for Amazon; and one of those fancy pencil sharpeners that make no noise. 

 At night I'll get to do the crossword puzzle and read a book.  I have the new Johanna Trolloppe book:  Sense and Sensibility.

 One of the best parts of being on vacation means I'll get to catch up on all of my fun and exciting household chores such as laundry, vacuuming, tidying the house, etc.  As a reward, I'll get to do my blogs.  Most importantly, I'll get to do some gift shopping.

On Christmas, I LOVE to open all my teacher gifts with my family.  Since my kids are all grown-up and get gift cards/money for presents, I LOVE to open my gifts because they're surprises.  Plus, several of my students told me that I am "going to love the gift" they gave me. 

Here's an example of what my own children are getting for Christmas:

1.  My 24 year old daughter, Bethany - money to pay for the curtains/purchases she got at Anthropologie.

2.  My 22 year old son, Derek - money to pay for the side view mirror he knocked off my husband's car and money to repair the other car.

3.  My 20 year old son, Andrew - money to replace the retainer he lost now that his teeth are getting crooked again and a vacuum for his apartment.

At least, these are all gifts they need and no shopping is involved on my part (except for the vacuum).

Here's my wish for all of you - health and happiness for you and your families - the best gifts of all!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. I found your blog through Mrs. Laffin's linky party. Can I tell you how much I LOVE what you get your kids for Christmas????????? How old are they? Ours are 19,20 and 22. I kept telling my husband we just needed to get them money/gift cards, but he said nooooo. After shopping yesterday, he said we just need to start getting them money or gift cards. LOL!

    We are a very practical family, too! Our gifts to them this year are a stove, washer, and dryer. Scratch and dent sale. :)

    Merry Christmas!



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