Storybook Saturday/Check out my daughter's new hair color!

Hooray, it's Saturday!  That means it's time to link up with Paula's Place for her Storybook Saturday.

This week I started reading a new book to the kids while they eat snack.  Additionally, this book goes along with our Six Traits writing program because the kids had to think of a nickname for themselves, and then they had to give ways they would have to live up to their chosen nicknames.

Sophie the Awesome by Lara Bergen tells the story of a third grade girl who decides to be awesome, and, in the process of being awesome, she makes bad choices like jumping down too many stairs and putting too many French fries in her mouth,...  The kids seem to relate to the situations in the book since, let's face it, we all make bad choices so it's interesting to read about Sophie who makes a different bad choice in each chapter.  Plus, then we can discuss/think about the choices Sophie makes as well as make predictions about what will happen.  There is also an entire series of Sophie books so if the kids enjoy this book, they can continue on to read the others in the series.

 In our reading books, there was an activity that involved following directions to draw a pig.  After the kids drew their pigs, they had to write a story to go along with their drawings.  To help them think of ideas, I read one of my favorites:

Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping by Melanie Watt is funny and adorable.  The kids were totally enthralled by the idea of Scaredy Squirrel being afraid of a penguin:

Of course, we later learned that the penguin was part of the mini-golf course at the camping ground.  The best part was the book gave the kids ideas of their pig stories.

If you want a seasonal Scaredy Squirrel book, there is also this one to check out:

On a personal note, here is a picture of my fashionable and stylish daughter sporting her new ombre hair color:

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  1. Loved reading your Five for Friday. Thanks for sharing!



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