Five for the First Friday of Summer Vacation!

It was Friday (when I started this post) which means that it's time link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for:

My last day of school was this week so this has been a week of changes!


On Monday morning, the third graders piled onto to the school bus and headed to the first stop of our field trip:  the Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum!

Here's me in front of the Sam Adams statue out front:

Please notice that I am wearing my brand new Lululemon headband which was a gift from one of my students.  Luckily, I also got a lesson from the kids on how to put on/wear a headband.  Amazingly, the headband actually stayed on which is a miracle with my straight, fine hair.

Here's the "real" Sam Adams:

The first part of the Tea Party tour involves participating in the meeting held to decide whether or not to have the Boston Tea Party in the first place.  Each student is given a card with an actual colonist's name with his/her information.  In addition, each student receives a feather with the date of the actual Tea Party.  Here's Ava's Mom and Mrs. Johnson with their feathers:

 If you're ever in Boston, try to check out this informative and exciting museum.  This is the second year we've done this field trip, and I have learned so much.

As soon as we were done at the Tea Party, we piled back onto to the bus to head to our second stop:  the Massachusetts State House.

Before we started our tour we ate lunch at the Boston Common which is right across the street from the State House.  Our tour was scheduled for 12:15 so we arrived about three minutes before.  Of course, I didn't know that ALL of us had to go through security, including all the lunch boxes and backpacks.  We weren't that late - luckily.

Our group got amazing VIP treatment thanks to our State Representative, Jim Dwyer.  He met us and made sure to make the most of our 50 minutes.  First, we went to the Senate chambers.  The Senate chambers are located right under the gold dome of the State House.  We learned how each senator's chair is adjusted to his/her height.  Also, Representative Dwyer asked the kids if they knew what bird was above the clock.  Someone said it was a bald eagle.  We learned that the bird is actually a combination of a bald eagle and turkey, and Ben Franklin created the design of the bird.  Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be an important symbol of our country because the turkey had helped the original colonists survive, but other important politicians wanted the bald eagle.  So Ben made a hybrid which is called a "teagle."


Then we headed to the House of Representatives where the kids got to actually sit at the desks - again thanks to Representative Dwyer.  How cool is that!   We got to learn all about the House of Representatives from a gentleman who has worked there for 43 years.

Here's a picture of the podium in the House of Representatives:

Our group even had our picture taken by the State House photographer!


Tuesday was the last day of school.  While the third graders went to visit the fourth grade teachers, the second graders come up to visit the third grade teachers.

The second graders were so well-behaved and attentive.  We told them to read, write and practice their addition facts as often as possible over the summer.  

On the last day of school, the Woburn Historical Society came to give certificates to the students who completed the scavenger hunt, and everyone got a water bottle!

After Tuesday, the rest of the week flew by.  I got my hair cut; went in my pool; finished reading a book which I highly recommend:

Now it's already Sunday!  Time is already flying by! 

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