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This summer I'm doing the Style Me Pretty Summer Challenge which you can check out here by clicking on the picture:


 Every day for 21 days, Alison (in the above picture) gives you different combinations of outfits you can make using 10 different pieces of clothing.  Alison gives you a list of the 10 items.  You do have to pay $20 to join the challenge and get the list.  Many of the pieces you could already have in your closet, and some you need to buy. 

Here's how I wore today's outfit:

I actually had this tank top (Ralph Lauren; bought on clearance in Marshall's at the end of last summer) and the khaki skirt.  The metallic sandals are new this year (Marshalls; Steve Madden - $24.99).  I never would have bought metallic sandals, but I LOVE them and have worn them every day this week to work.  That's what's great about the Style Me Pretty Challenge - it makes you step outside your comfort zone and try some new clothes.  

Happy Hump Day!

Thanks for checking in today!



  1. Love your outfit! It looks so fresh and summery!!

    Butterflying Through Teaching

  2. I love my metallic sandals too! :) thanks for linking up!

  3. Cute silver sandals! I have a pair, but they are wearing out and all the silver has rubbed off the bottom where my foot is. I'll have to check out Marshalls!

    SOOTHE Her Soul


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